Lost and not found

I have these tiny little Tweezerman tweezers that are the best in the world. They're black, sharpened to a razor edge, and very small. That razor edge is very important: bad-quality tweezers can make or break an eyebrow and my brows are my signature. Three days ago, the little tweezers went completely, and suddenly, MIA.

I turned the house upside down. I even cleaned out all the drawers in my bathroom cabinets, still no tweezers. I searched with a flashlight. I tried the random search approach: suddenly start looking for the item while doing something else in order to have a fresh perspective. I decided to buy a replacement, this time in red, in attempt to make the lost pair appear. The replacement has been sitting in their blue glass cup for two days, yet the old ones have not made a comeback. I checked under the bed tonight. Nothing.

I'm thinking that perhaps I need a new strategy. Maybe if I offer a reward, a lunch at Stake-n-Shake, my in-house detective will find it. Those eyes don't usually miss anything. I'll try that tomorrow. We have a whole day to hunt. A small prayer to St. Anthony wouldn't hurt either at this point... Where on Earth could a pair of tweezers go?