Once Upon a Christmas

Take a single lonely woman dating a rich successful prick who suddenly meets a nice guy (with a much lower paying but oh so much more fulfilling job of course). Add the non-stopping violin and jingle bells soundtrack. An hour and a half into the story the prick eventually proposes, in a very pompous and public way, and she reluctantly accepts. The nice poor guy runs away because she hurt his feelings by accepting the proposal. 15 minutes before the end of the story, the heroine realizes what a prick her fiance is and dumps him. Cries. Runs (in heels in the snow) to find the nice poor guy, the search takes about ten minutes. In the last couple of minutes of the story she finally finds him, they kiss deeply and live happily ever after. And that's a Hallmark holiday movie.

Now change the single woman to a bankrupt single mom about to lose her job just before Christmas and that's a Lifetime holiday movie.

All brought to you 24/7 starting mid-October by Walmart.

The HIT List: November

Sharing a list of random things that happened to catch my attention this month today.

Domaine's Most Important Cooking Skills You Should Master by Age 30 
covers all the basic skills with easy to follow tips. 

Coco Rocha's Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha is a stunning book. A must for any aspiring model or photographer or artist. Also what a great holiday gift for someone! (Hint, hint!)

If you liked Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy, then The Game on BBC America is for you. Or, if you have insomnia, you'll be asleep half way through.

Transporter: the Series is pure adrenalin rush. Suggest not getting into a car right after the show, unless you're driving an Audi A8.

Parenting Helper
Angry Birds Transformers! But download before leaving the house.

A mixed bag

"Is it possible to be addicted to a salad?" I asked myself as I stood at the kitchen island devouring a salad that was really meant for dinner. By the time I pulled myself away to check on the dinner in the oven, the bowl was almost empty.

I have yet to meet a salad that I do not like. Some salad preparations, of course, leave a lot to be desired or have ingredients that I will not touch - I usually steer clear of those. But for the most part, I clean my salad plate. Left to my own devices I could probably live on salads. Which brings me back to my question: Can one be addicted to salads? Or, is it just another foodie thing?

I love food. I live for food. When I travel I experience the location through food. And it is the food that I will remember about a place. All of my friends are foodies, it is very hard for me to relate to someone who I can not discuss food with. So is this salad addiction just an extension of my love for food? Only I don't stand over a bowl of pasta and polish it off before it hits the table, only salads. And chocolate...

Maybe I should investigate this further - by making more salads. I can whip up lots of different interesting salads in the name of research. Maybe my winter cooking could revolve around salads. Hmmm...

There is only now less than a cup of salad left in the bowl on the counter. I ordered myself away so there is something left for Terry. And made veggie fries to compensate for the now lacking side dish.