Gecko Lunch

Leopard gecko
We have a leopard gecko. She’s adopted. When we adopted her, we all thought it was a he. No, this was not a Bruce Jenner scenario, it's just hard to figure out sex in lizards. But once we discovered that it was indeed a girl, a lot of things were easily explained. Like her throwing a fit when we dared to leave for a weekend trip to Las Vegas (mind you she had a sitter and did not go hungry). When we returned she showed us what she thought about our trip by refusing to eat, overturning her cement pool and spilling the water all over. I bought her a new condo, twice the size, a new carpet in desert sand, and took her to a vet for a visit in a special lizard suitcase wrapped in a blanket. I even changed her diet from crickets (that chirped at night) to fat wax worms that I now had to keep in the fridge. All because she refused to hunt for her dinner. And I hate worms. She finally decided that I somewhat redeemed myself and started to get fat on worms. Her name is Felipa, by the way. It was Felipe, but we had to make it female. At least it was an easy change.