Behind the Letters

Designer Katherine Brankin is planning to take over the world one letterform at a time. When she's not coding kerning pairs or driving around the leafy 'burbs, this self-described foodie is curling up with a notebook and a pen and a hot cup of tea.

I blame it on Facebook. Driving Master Danny started because I simply wanted to share our - often outrageous and always hilarious - escapades with my friends. Only at that time, Facebook would not allow a post over 300 characters, and long chatty phone conversations were replaced with three-letter texts. Soon the blog became a great place to fulfill all those endless "can you share the recipe" and "let me all about that place you went you" requests. This blog allows me to step away from typefaces and mommyhood to indulge my other interests by dishing on food, travel, red-carpet fashion, and story-telling. --KB

Her new thriller novel, A Shot From Afar, the second installment in The Bennett Trilogy, can be found in all major online book retailers (for more, check out 

-- Cheers! (at RH Chicago, sitting in a very tiny chair)