12 Movies of Christmas

There are certain movies that always put me in a holiday spirit. Oh, reflect how I feel about the holidays at that particular moment. Below is my list of 12 go-to holiday movies to help you survive the season.

12 Movies of Christmas
(and when to watch)

1. The Holiday
start your season with love and hope

2. Bridget Jones Diary

3. Love Actually
skip the Laura Linney parts

4. Christmas with the Cranks
 a Black Friday must, especially if you work retail

5. Home Alone

6. Die Hard
while wrapping presents
quote John McClane every time you manage to wrap a toy without setting it off

7. Lethal Weapon
for another round of present wrapping

8. The Polar Express
for the kids to watch while you hide yourself 
in the basement watching #7-8  and wrapping presents

9. Christmas Vacation
watch on Christmas Eve after the family party  

10. Christmas Story
catch on Christmas Day on TBS, they play it on a loop

11. Keeping up Appearances Christmas Special, The QEII
watch when you get tired of #10

12. When Harry Met Sally
for New Year's Eve