The HIT List: March

up with The Skimm in my Inbox every single morning (except weekends). All the important news condensed into a nice one page format. And in case you were completely living under a rock, they even give you a refresh course on continuing stories. Now I'm ready to for that water cooler talk before my espresso is finished.
Coolest part? The Skimm is published by women.

 for Melody Gardot's new album. To tide me over, periodically watching a video of the new single "Same to You."

(Armchair) Traveling
To Paris. Thanks to My Little Paris, every Friday I lead a mental Parisian life.

The redesigned Maxim (yes I know it's a men's magazine). GQ move over! Maxim has a new female editor who's shaking things up with new content and graphic design.

to add more potted plants to my office. Research shows that greenery in
the work space boots productivity and happiness. But I think you need to have more
than one plant because I don't feel more productive yet. I am happy though.