Road Trip Distractions

We recently got back from our Florida road trip. Besides the mandatory tailgating in Indiana, and the same exact Honda Civic being pulled over several times in Georgia, the driving was more or less uneventful. Expect for several gems – which I managed to promptly document with what ever camera I had handy at the time. I do admit, sometimes I pretended to text while taking a discreet picture.
Country music makes any road trip easier.

I guess they wanted their goat milk extra fresh for the road.

What could one possibly do with that amount of Pantene?  And large cases of beer and two crates of peaches, all of which was transfered into a different car at a rest stop. 

I know that driving a car won't give you the "open road" experience, but when you have to hook up a trailer to your three-wheel motorcycle (is it still a motorcycle?) you probably need a car.
Last year, at a not so nice rest stop, I stumbled on a magazine rack, whose selection was begging to be shared with the world. Unfortunately, I walked in without a camera. This year, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity.

Of course we will never visit that rest stop again. Still wondering where the locks for the bathroom stalls went, they were there last year...

Eventually, we arrived to this, a view that leaves me breathless every single time.
Atlantic Ocean, St. Augustine Beach

To be continued...