How to Tie a Turkish Knot

I have been dying to do "30 in 30" (30 outfits in 30 days), but the weather is only allowing me one outfit: fleece pants, heavy fur boots and coat that covers me head to toe. Basically I have been wearing a sleeping bag for the last 3.5 months. But I just saw a glimmer of hope – the trees are showing tiny little bugs. So with the thought that eventually this white frozen nightmare will be over, here is a tutorial on how to tie your scarf with a Turkish knot. Both men and women can do this, only men should use a solid scarf for understated elegance.

(modeled on a vintage suit butler, since I have no idea how to take a selfie with no head)

Fold in half to make a loop
Insert only ONE end through the loop
Twist the bottom of the loop
Pull the other end through the twisted loop