The September Issue 2013

I have a new doorstop. I get a new one every year. It's heavy and hard to carry around. It will end up sitting in my car for a over a month as I thoroughly flip through it and rip to pieces filing everything into various folders that I use for inspiration. The name "doorstop" has been given to it by my husband in 2007, when I dragged it home and dropped it on the dining table with a very dull thud. Everyone else calls it Vogue, The September Issue.

2013 Vogue has 902 pages. It is not the thickest, last year's issue was 916. The 2007 issue, made famous by the documentary The September Issue, was 820. Last night, I decided to do  some counting as I flipped through this year's issue:

2013 September Issue by the Numbers
It is 1 1/16'' thick
Weighs 3.5 lbs
107 pages of ads before First page of Contents
53 pages till Second page of Contents
49 pages till Third page
Only 9 pages till you finally reach Fourth page
761 pages before you reach the first fashion editorial
507 pages of ads, not counting the four page cover
141 pages  (in the back 3/16'' of the magazine) of editorial
254 of stuff no one ever reads
3 fold-out ads
1 tip-in ad (by Target of all places: another designer collaboration that will end up either on eBay or in a clearance bin)
Mine came with 5 bingo cards (those annoying little cards that beg you to subscribe)
12 page long editorial featuring Google glass
My favorite model Karlie Kloss appears only twice (a sad moment for me, she's fabulous)
7 articles about men (Benedict Cumberbatch looks stunning, I'll be reading that for sure)
Weddings featured: 1, written of course by Plum Sykes
Fall fashion trends on Jennifer Lawrence: 4

I'm trying to figure out the best position to read it, no matter which way I tried so far I ended up with some body part either numb or in pain. I think the best way to do it is to use my steering wheel as a magazine holder, again. But we all know that, in the end, it'll end up in the reading materials basket in the throne room.