Top 10 reasons I often dream of Florida

Since we've been yoyoing between winter and summer (or winter and construction as the seasons are known in Chicago) and this week we're back to winter, I find myself gazing with longing onto the framed picture of myself and my son in Miami. I'm in a swimsuit and he's holding his beach bucket and we're in the fabulous Loews South Beach hotel. Aaahh, Florida... So I've decided to summarize why is it I long for Florida so much:

My Top 10 Reasons I Dream of Florida

10. Desserts are served the proper way: with a dessert spoon instead of a fork

9. Salt shakers are laced with rice so the salt won't harden into rock due to humidity

8. No bras required

7. Topless beaches 

6. Fresh seafood

5. No state income tax

4. No freezing temps

3. No allergies or sinusitis while in Florida (must be the ocean air)

2. No basements


Aahh, Sunshine State, you're calling my name! Soon... And now I have to go and turn the heat back on so we won't freeze tonight as it drops into low 40s here again. It's end of May...