15 Little Ways to be Chicago North Shore

Lake Michigan, Highland Park.

1. Start your morning with a Venti Starbucks. Your order has to be very complicated.
2. Wear no makeup.
3. Spend an obscene amount of money on throw pillow. Charge them to your husband's card.
4. Spin and yoga are your life.
5. Lululemon and The North Face are the only two brands capable of producing clothes.
6. Honk every time someone dares to stop at a red light.
7. Every major religious holiday, host exactly 40 people to a sit down meal. Of course your meal is either catered or came from Sunset.
8. Drive an enormous Infiniti SUV. In white.
9. Wear an iWatch. Or at least a FitBit.
10. Every school break depart to sunny and warm places.
11. Summer = camps.
12. Raise philanthropic children.
13. Fundraisers rule.
14. Drive like an Italian: green - go! Red - maybe, and only if you feel like it, slow down. Yellow - what is yellow?
15. Never leave the North Shore.