The September Issue 2015

Vogue September Issue 2015, by the numbers.

Getting my hands on Vogue's September Issue proved a bit of a challenge this year. Even though I have a yearly subscription to the magazine, I have yet to actually receive the coveted issue in the mail. I finally broke down over the weekend and bought one in Walgreens. The Amazon orders arrived, however, mid August encased in a a white branded box. Next year I'm skipping the subscription and ordering one on Amazon. At least it'll arrive when it's supposed to. Watch, it will suddenly appear today, jammed into my mailbox. If that happens, some one at the school run is getting an early Christmas present.

2015 September Issue by the Numbers
Total pages: 832 (pages in 2014: 856; 2013: 902)
It is exactly 1'' thick
Weight 3.5 lbs
642 pages of ads
111 pages of ads before the First page of Contents
731 pages before the First fashion editorial (exactly as last year)
696 pages before the articles start
12 tip-in ads (same as last year, with Target and Nordstrom again having the most pages again)
Vogue does Star Wars: 2 Star Wars actors are featured, 1 product tie-in ad (Cover Girl)
4 fashion editorials, with 2 being heavy on fall jackets. "Jackets for fall... Groundbreaking." 
Kendall Jenner has 2 ads and a full editorial (where she manages to finally look her age).
3 articles on changing your physical self for the better, by either plastic surgery, eating fats, or purposely excising to obtain an enormous ass.
36 dedicated to so-called portfolio of fashion, featuring the same-old set of people – from designers to models – describing their new "groundbreaking" work. With Novak Djokovic, a reference to Anna Wintour's favorite morning exercise, bringing up the rear.
The Cover features Beyoncé, with much debated wet undone hair. The hair was an attempt to make a statement that the so-called Queen B is just like everybody else. Um, no. Just like fall jackets, Beyoncé on the cover is boring and predictable.

Expect to crave paté and butter, fall in love with a Victorian blouse, have a sudden desire to wear something burgundy, and spend the rest of the week squeezing your glutes. Ice your wrists while you're at it.

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