The September Issue 2014

Vogue September 2014 and morning latte

It is my annual doorstop time, aka Vogue September Issue. I have already scheduled my post-reading massage to work on all those muscle injuries I will endure while lugging around. I found the best place to read it is on the kitchen table so I don’t have to hold it in my lap (my legs went numb the last time). Of course lattes make the perfect reading companion.

The 2014 September Issue of Vogue has 856 pages, thin compared to the last year’s 902.

2014 September Issue by the Numbers
It is 1 1/8'' thick
Weighs 2.5 lbs
645 pages of ads
109 pages of ads before First page of Contents
731 pages before you reach the first fashion editorial
499 pages before the good articles start
1 article on cooking (with pot)
1 article on French fries
12 tip-in ads (Target and Nordstrom having the most pages)
5 bingo cards (those annoying little cards that beg you to subscribe)
3 fashion editorials featuring fur
1 article about a rising tennis star
6 fashion editorials
2 weddings
6 pregnant women
Karlie Kloss appears 20 times
Joan Smalls appears 7 times
Cara Delevingne appears 16 times
3 models are featured the front cover (if you unfold it all the way it is 9 models)
6 articles on Paris (this should be called the French Issue)

Don’t be surprised of a sudden desire to ride a horse through fields of wild flowers, dance passionate tango, cover yourself in fur, or run to Paris to eat steak with pomme frites after reading the issue. If you do go to Paris, don't forget to pick up a silk cravat so you can wear it just like the magazine suggested.