The September Issue 2018 by the Numbers

OMG, has it been a year this I last posted? Well, I've been a "little bit" busy. But, that would have to be another post all together. Anyway...

The so-called doorstop has arrived, only it's been on a diet so pretty sure we can't call it "doorstop" anymore. One can actually fit it into a purse now, if you're so inclined.
So here's my annual The September Issue by the Numbers report (complied while watching The Devil Wears Prada re-run on HBO):

0.75" thick
Weight 4 lbs (some ads were printed on cover stock and varnished with high gloss)
646 total pages (that's some serious diet!)
Cover girl: Beyoncé (Again! Did that 2 years ago. And, to add insult to injury, let's recreate her overposed, over the top, over styled, Instagram post about her pregnancy. The one where she posed as "Mother Nature"...) And she didn't even bother to be interviewed - the profile is in "her own words." Which, I didn't bother to read. Photographed by some Instagrammer, maybe that's why everything's out of focus?
471 pages of ads, with about 3/4 of them being the guts of the magazine (which just means there really isn't that much content in this issue)
94 pages before the First page of Contents
499 pages before the First Editorial
538 pages before the First Article

This issue introduced Max Hollein as the new director of The Met (laying the groundwork for the next year's Gala, I see...); featured some up and coming tennis players dressed head-to-toe in AWOK (Anna Wintour OK, it's a term) Nike; showcased another island vacation home of Tory Burch (she restored this one with love); briefly profiled couture designers doing what they always do - being inspired by the world around them (must be a new concept for Vogue. But hey, my desk is as messy as Karl's!). Florals and plaid are in for fall, and so are puffy coats and layers upon layers (if you can't move, then you have enough layers on. Think baby brother from Christmas Story). Green is hot, especially emeralds. And everyone needs a Murano glass tipetto (which is a fancy little glass flute) for a mere $4,500.

The September Issue 2017

Vogue 2017 September by the Numbers @copyright 2017 Katherine Brankin

For me, the fall season starts with the arrival of Vogue's September issue. Mine squeezes into my tiny mailbox in mid-August. Usually the cover is a surprise, but this is Vogue's 125th Anniversary year so the cover was plastered all over their social media all summer. If you're really into Vogue and collect the Septembers, you can get an Anniversary edition: a boxed magazine with a painted cover that will only set you back $250.

Vogue September 2017 by the Numbers

1" thick
Weight 3 lbs
774 total pages (getting slimmer)
Cover girl: Jennifer Lawrence (this issue has 4 covers actually. Christian Dior shirt shot by Bruce Weber in black and white is the actual cover, but Vogue calls is Cover 2.)
565 pages of ads
103 pages before the First page of Contents
629 pages before the First Editorial
666 pages before the First Article (it being Oprah of course)
1 book excerpt - Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan. Depressing, of course.
There is a Happy Birthday Vogue section that spans 148 pages (which is basically ads with Happy Birthday plastered on them. Except for Marc Jacobs, who's in drag.) Best one: The Row - the Olsen Twin's insanely successful line - which simply said Happy Birthday in plain san serif type on the right side of a 2-page white spread.  89 companies wished Vogue Happy Birthday.