Once Upon a Christmas

Take a single lonely woman dating a rich successful prick who suddenly meets a nice guy (with a much lower paying but oh so much more fulfilling job of course). Add the non-stopping violin and jingle bells soundtrack. An hour and a half into the story the prick eventually proposes, in a very pompous and public way, and she reluctantly accepts. The nice poor guy runs away because she hurt his feelings by accepting the proposal. 15 minutes before the end of the story, the heroine realizes what a prick her fiance is and dumps him. Cries. Runs (in heels in the snow) to find the nice poor guy, the search takes about ten minutes. In the last couple of minutes of the story she finally finds him, they kiss deeply and live happily ever after. And that's a Hallmark holiday movie.

Now change the single woman to a bankrupt single mom about to lose her job just before Christmas and that's a Lifetime holiday movie.

All brought to you 24/7 starting mid-October by Walmart.