10 November, 2014

A mixed bag

"Is it possible to be addicted to a salad?" I asked myself as I stood at the kitchen island devouring a salad that was really meant for dinner. By the time I pulled myself away to check on the dinner in the oven, the bowl was almost empty.

I have yet to meet a salad that I do not like. Some salad preparations, of course, leave a lot to be desired or have ingredients that I will not touch - I usually steer clear of those. But for the most part, I clean my salad plate. Left to my own devices I could probably live on salads. Which brings me back to my question: Can one be addicted to salads? Or, is it just another foodie thing?

I love food. I live for food. When I travel I experience the location through food. And it is the food that I will remember about a place. All of my friends are foodies, it is very hard for me to relate to someone who I can not discuss food with. So is this salad addiction just an extension of my love for food? Only I don't stand over a bowl of pasta and polish it off before it hits the table, only salads. And chocolate...

Maybe I should investigate this further - by making more salads. I can whip up lots of different interesting salads in the name of research. Maybe my winter cooking could revolve around salads. Hmmm...

There is only now less than a cup of salad left in the bowl on the counter. I ordered myself away so there is something left for Terry. And made veggie fries to compensate for the now lacking side dish.

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