Can't Stop.

I do it almost every morning with tea. I look, I swipe, I browse. I click the little red button on the the top. I categorize. The fact that I now have an iPad and I can do it anytime from anywhere is making it worse. When I was tied to my desktop, I logged in maybe once a month, even though I have the widget sitting in my browser's toolbar since the beginning. I do find it rather useful, creatively: instead of having mountains of piles of magazine tearsheets for inspiration, I now have boards. Even secret boards. I still collect tearsheets, but not to that extent.

This morning, while waiting for the insurance nurse to show up and bruise my arms, I browsed three different topics. All because I looked around my dining room and thought "What if...?" Hey, it beats shopping or moving furniture.

Sometimes I wonder if there are boards dedicated to strange things out there. But I never bothered to investigate. I used to see a lot of tasteless stuff at the beginning, but then it learned and now presents me with stylish and trendy offerings.

Someone I know once quit Facebook because she read that it causes depression because you are bound to compare your mundane life to the "interesting" lives of your friends. If Facebook causes depression, then what do all these boards cause? Envy? I do have a desk envy – all these well edited designer curated home office spaces are something to drool over, but I do know that either they have been staged for the photoshoot, or no one works there. Most likely both. Because a typical office of someone working from home is quite cluttered. But, that browsing session did inspire me to clean mine today. After several hours I have unearthed two surfaces. Now all I need are transparent desk accessories, a jar of gold pencils, Jo Malone candles, a small crystal vase filled with fuchsia peonies, and my creativity will be flowing with abundance. Or, and apparently I need to be wearing a Michael Kors gold watch and mountains of bracelets while writing.

Hi. My name is Katherine and I'm addicted to Pinterest.