Vampire moment

I. Smell. Garlic. This morning I woke up to the overwhelming smell of garlic. Yet, we didn't eat any. Nor did I cook with any. And we were nowhere near an Olive Garden. So either I watched too many vampire shows over the weekend or I am about to get a huge migraine. Usually smells that don't exist and no one else can detect signal a migraine. In the past I smelled cigarette smoke, even though no one around me smokes. Could an image of a head stuffed with garlic from the brand new Dracula show made such an imprint on my subconscious that it now manifests itself in a phantom garlic smell? Maybe if I scrub the kitchen I'll find the smell. I'm not in a mood for a migraine. A friend commented last night that there is an unpleasant moon phase, making all the crazies some out. Perhaps it's making me smell garlic as well. I even administered my sinus spray meds that are scented with lavender but all I got in the end was a runny nose and a scent of lavender with a hint of garlic.

Just returned from scrubbing the kitchen and found no rogue garlic laying around. So this is definitely a migraine rolling in. Now, if I could just survive past Danny's dental visit then I can turn into a zombie as soon as we get home and Danny could play lazy monster. Perhaps if I close my eyes for a moment... Aha... And there is that head in a box stuffed with garlic... I'm blaming Jonathan Rhys Meyers for this one.