Get Ready to Unleash Your Leopard: a Quick Guide to Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

With school supplies finally sorted and labeled, my attention turned a more pressing matter – fall fashion.

Armed with Pantone® fall color guide and a list of trends compiled after browsing too many fashion and retail sites in the middle of the night (thank you very much insomnia), I’m preparing my assault on my closet come Labor Day. Boy am I glad I kept those leopard shoes! 
PANTONE® Fall 2013 Color Guide.
Top Fall 2013 Trends for Women
Houndstooth – the classic is back. Big or small, the pattern works for everyone and goes with everything.
Catchy outwear – time to update that coat! This is an opportunity to step out of the box and buy something other than black.
Hats – the it hat of the season is a knit beanie. However, it’s not for every head shape or age group, so find a hat that works for you and rock it. I would stay away from a cowboy hat though.
Leopard! It’s baaaack! A little leopard can go a long way. You can also kill two birds with one stone by splurging on a leopard coat: leopard and catchy outwear trends in one. The reason a leopard coat is a splurge and not an investment is because you will not want to wear it for more than one season, unless you live in New Jersey (but then you would already have a leopard coat).
Emerald green – The Pantone® color of 2013. It pairs well with other jewel tones, or an emerald shoe or a structured bag can be the perfect “cherry on top” to finish off your outfit. If you’re lucky to own real emeralds, wear them every day. Even to the grocery store.
Winter white – Labor Day is no longer then end of the white season. But put the summer light fabrics away and instead do white in a chunky knit, or skinny jeans or a textured structured jacket.
Peplum – first appearing this spring, is still trending hot. So don’t put it away. If you don’t have one yet, peplum is very flattering: it makes waists appear smaller, or adds a bit a hip if you really really need some.
Military-inspired – khaki green (or Deep Lichen Green®) is sticking around. Do it in a soft girly way: a slim pant or mix it up with some lace or a fur for a luxe look. Or, if you’re brave enough: military green with a leopard print in a skinny jean (I actually saw a pair a couple of nights ago. Blocked the store name out of my mind on purpose).
Leather – not head to toe, unless you’re riding a Harley, but do mix it into your regular wardrobe. Colored leather’s works too.
Turtleneck – shown layered under jackets and coats. Now this is a trend I’ll be skipping because I am not about to die from heat, even if it will get cold.
Over-the-knee boots – if you have them from a couple of years ago, dust them off. Or try a leather legging with an ankle bootie for a similar look.

Top Fall 2013 Trends for Men
Camel topcoat – enjoy a bit of color before the going back to black winter coats. An investment piece if you don’t already own one, camel is a classic.
Plaid suiting – this season’s plaid is bigger and bolder than the previous seasons. Pair with a solid shirt and a tie.
Slim pants – pants (and suits) are getting slimmer and slimmer. If you didn’t have a reason to work out before, you do now. Pair a slim pant with a chunky sole shoe to visually even things out. A gray wool slim trouser works great for the office.
Tweed suit – a fall staple, updated in a slim tailored way.
Motorcycle jacket – the classic is back. Just don’t do the whole white t-shirt and ripped jeans thing, that’s out.
Turtleneck – a quick and easy update to your suit. If James Bond can do it, so can you.